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As a lifelong artist and reader, Shannon Donahue has always enjoyed taking inspiration from characters in her favorite books as well as real life. While Shannon has loved both reading and art for as long as she can remember, it’s only recently that her two passions have entangled. You may have seen her artwork on the t-shirts of OSRBC members at conventions and book signings or included with new release swag from Sarah Maclean. In October, Shannon will be launching a Kickstarter for her first calendar that’s themed around reading romance and the communities we create when we share what we love. Shannon currently lives in Atlanta, working as a florist by day, combining her love of art and HEA’s by night, and doting on her nieces and nephew in her spare time. 

She really is all that

Why Choose Shannon

Shannon has such a unique grasp on pop culture and what it means to be creative. She's able to take concepts and take them to the next level with her love of all things romance and fangirl. Her passion for what she creates shows in each piece.

Shannon Donahue Art

Upcoming Projects

Shannon seems to always be using her creativity and art to create custom pop culture and nerd skirts, wedding designs, and so much more. See what she's working on by clicking on a link below. 

Now Active: Follow or participate in the Kickstarter campaign to create a romance-themed calendar that centers on the novels we love and the communities that contribute so much to them. Check out all of the Old School Romance Book Club art on the gallery page, too. 

Upcoming in 2020: As an avid fan of tarot, Shannon has been working on a Star Wars tarot deck. While the deck isn't out yet, check out the gallery for some of the concept art, and follow Shannon on social media for updat

Upcoming in 2020: What better way to show your love of a fandom than to wear that love on your favorite skirt? To date, Shannon has created Doctor Who, Outlander, and several Star Wars skirts. These hand-painted beauties can be found on the gallery page. If you're interested in owning one of your own, don't hesitate to reach out to us to talk styles and concepts. 

Interested in a custom art piece?

If you're interested in a design by Shannon, we'd be happy to help! Select from a custom skirt, art piece, or even something special for your

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    • Unique cosplay ideas
    • Pop culture, nerd, and geek representation at their wedding
    • Your favorite pop culture icons in a tarot deck
    • A skirt that represents your favorite fandom
    • A custom art piece created just for you


 "Omg. The women in my romance book club are the best. Check out this AMAZING t-shirt (and note appropriately violet-eyed herione)." 

Sarah Maclean
author, founder of OSRBC: Read More Romance

 "Absolutely amazing work. I love my custom Outlander skirt so much. Shannon sewed the skirt in a blue that matched the book cover and the design on the front is an almost exact match. I'm so impressed by everything she does."

Caroline S.
Editor & Founder, Caroline Smith, LLC

 "I absolutely love having Shannon's creative mind and vision on projects.  She is able to see aspects of a design that no one else can."

Robin A. 
Founder, Rhapsody in Blooms

 "Shannon is a joy to collaborate with. Her creative brain starts working as soon as you start giving her ideas. I love watching her sketch out a project and then bring it to completion."

Beth W. 
Founder, Spark Digital Properties

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